AS WE HAVE EACH BEEN BLESSED in our lives by the gifts
and the giving of others,
let us reach out now.
Reach out and touch those near you –
clasp a hand,
touch a shoulder,
link an arm.
Make this community of being, which we together are,
now tangible.
Feel it.
It is real.
We are real.
We are here.
We are now.
We can never be anywhere else.
So what we withhold from this moment,
we withhold from ourselves and from the world.
What we deny in this moment,
we deny to ourselves and to Life.
And only what we give do we ever get to keep.
So, dear friends, let us live into our dreams,
and make them as real as we are.
Let us become them,
so that we ourselves are a gift and a giving.

Margaret Keip in For Praying Out Loud: Interfaith Prayers for Public Occasions by L. Annie Foerster