In 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, retired pediatric surgeon Bernie S. Siegel writes about feeling overwhelmed:

"When you are feeling overwhelmed, stop and ask yourself why you find you are feeling that way. Who created the situation that you find overwhelming? If it was someone asking for your help, why didn't you say no? If you feel overwhelmed because of all the things you have undertaken, when will you realize that you have needs too?

"Becoming angry or resenting your family, co-workers, and the world in general will not solve anything. Only you can change things by accepting your humanity and asking for what you need. Remember that saying no to others is saying yes to you.

"No matter what you learned growing up, there is no reason to feel guilty about caring for yourself and your needs. When you do start to take better care of yourself, you will find much more peace with the world and the people in it. Instead of blaming them for your troubles, you will realize you are the problem and you are also the solution."

Siegel offers this solution: “Become more aware of your needs. Ask for the help you require, and say no when you need to.”

Bernie S. Siegel in Practicing Democracy through Advocacy and Outreach by Habib Todd Boerger