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Practicing Spirituality with Animals An opportunity for deeper encounters with the animals in your life as spiritual teachers.
What Are the E-Course Practice Suggestions? An explanation of the types of practices we teach and recommend.
Practicing Spirituality at Work Ideas to foster the inner work necessary to make your outer work more meaningful.
Cultivating Contentment Spiritual wisdom and practices on being content with who you are and where you are in your life.
What People Are Saying Comments by past subscribers to Spirituality & Practice E-Courses, Online Retreats, and Practice Circles
Practicing Spirituality with Sharon Salzberg An accomplished Buddhist teacher unfolds the riches of meditation.
Catalysts for Change Readings and spiritual practices to help you make small steps to turn your life around.
Patience Builders Wisdom about allowing things to unfold in their own time.
Practicing Spirituality with the World's Religions An exploration of interspirituality — the commonalities among the religions.
Practicing Spirituality with Thomas Moore Ways to care for your soul through teachings steeped in mythology, psychology, and philosophy.