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The Great Conversation A teaching story from the Greek writer about the miracle of transformation.
Work as a Spiritual Practice A teaching story about Right Speech.
Sabbath A teaching story about the wisdom of waiting and resting.
Polishing the Diamond, Enlightening the Mind Jae Woong Kim on the power of the thoughts and images of our mind.
Fragrant Palm Leaves Thich Nhat Hanh on learning through his mother's death that being and non-being are not separate.
Applause Jose Hobday on the basis of joy expressed through applause.
It's Easier Than You Think Sylvia Boorstein's teaching story about how our mind can use up a great deal of time and energy.
Praying Body and Soul A teaching story about honor and love in friendship.
Joan Borysenko in A Woman's Book of Life The concept of interdependence
Bernard Glassman and Rick Fields in Instructions to the Cook There's one story about a monk