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Afterlife Musings by a psychic on the afterlife.
The Road to Eternal Life A Catholic monk's sober-minded thoughts on monastic life as described by St. Benedict.
Speaking Christian A wake up call for churches to redeem the Christian language from its imprisonment within literalism, dogmatism, and a heaven-and-hell framework.
Way of Love An enlightening work on the four movements of love in our world.
The Divine Life of Animals A thought-provoking overview of the spiritual connections that tie us to our pets and other animals.
Fundamentals of Rumi's Thought An appreciation for all paths leading to God.
Exit 36 An unusual and totally engaging theological novel.
To Love This Earthly Life Learning to love the world like it matters.
Writing the Icon of the Heart An enchanting collection of spiritual essays on the arts of silence and beholding.
The Angelic Way An illuminating book about angels and the great adventure from ego-centered consciousness to unbounded divine consciousness.