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To My Beloveds Whispered words of prayerful hope from a Black grandmother to her grandchild.
Praying with Our Feet A timely memoir of activism and a call to action for the spiritually-minded to look outside themselves.
Reality, Grief, Hope A prophetic attack on U.S. exceptionalism and racism.
Mending the World Rev. Bruce G. Epperly and Rabbi Lewis D. Solomon on how the Bible is a record of God's imagination.
A History of Islam in 21 Women Heroic and brilliant women at the heart of Islam.
Hope on a Tightrope Suggestions to help us get unadjusted from injustice.
America: The Farewell Tour A prophetic critique of the United States designed to get Americans thinking about what is being lost.
Reality, Grief, Hope Hard-hitting prophetic counsel from a feisty Biblical scholar.
Voices in the Air 95 poems encouraging us to listen to the many sources of wisdom all around us.
In Search of a Prophet A pilgrimage into the spiritual journey of a Renaissance man.