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Trojan Eddie Vividly brings to life the tensions and the animosities of the traveller culture in rural Ireland.
A Special Day Juxtaposes the love of a gentle and caring woman and man with the hysterical, hate-inducing behavior of crowds caught up in Hitler worship.
The Late Show A modest detective flick that modestly delivers more than one expects.
Lisa Picard Is Famous Hits the bull's eye with its portrait of the ludicrous lengths actors and actresses in New York City will go to achieve celebrity status.
Sue Presents a vivid profile of a woman whose low self-esteem results in self-deprecation, helplessness and depression.
Good Will Hunting A touching tale about a troubled genius struggling to find his identity.
A Matter of Taste A French psychological thriller about a successful middle-age businessman who loves power so much that it consumes him.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame An animated musical that makes a good case for self-esteem, tolerance, and social conscience.
Safe Passage A valentine to mothers who have fought the good fight and kept the faith in all the messes and miseries of life.
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit A Las Vegas singer who works a miracle when she helps the sisters of St. Catherine's Convent by teaching music in an inner city school.