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Love Mother Earth A musical tribute to the earth and all its beings.
The Meditative Gardener Meditations and stunning photographs of gardens by a mindfulness meditation teacher.
Songs of Mary Fifteen traditional chants and praises in devotion to Mary.
Songs of the Spirit III Songs and chants that stir the soul and serve as bells calling us to attention and personal renewal.
Bhakti Treasure A masterwork of devotional chanting that opens the heart.
Interpretations of Vincent Van Gogh's A Pair of Shoes A philosopher, the painter, and we reflect on the meanings conveyed through a painting of old shoes.
Hearth Sounds A melodically rich medley of medieval chants, traditional Irish songs, and English language hymns.
Grand Canyon Suite A reverent musical response to the grandeur of the Grand Canyon with pictures.
Soul Feathers A radiant new album of 12 spiritual songs laced with beauty, love, and wisdom.