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A novel set in the Nixon era of politics illustrating that people exist to do acts of kindness.
The Compassionate Community
An on-target volume dealing with four intractable social problems.
Beyond Love
Offers an illuminating account of the heroes and villains in the global struggle against the death and destruction engendered by the AIDS epidemic.
Politics Is for Power
A cheer for politically engaged people who are making a real difference in their communities.
Path Without Destination
A truly visionary spiritual work.
The Snarling Citizen
A hard-hitting collection of essays from one of America's most perceptive commentators.
A Dream of the Tattered Man
Bears witness to the lives of men struggling for dignity, meaning and love on death row.
Healing the Soul of America
Shows how it is possible to turn spiritual conviction into a political force.
Soul Among Lions
A collection of prophetic meditations on issues revolving around justice.
Not All of Us Are Saints
Features the ideals of a person serving the poor in Washington, D.C. and probes the meaning of compassion in an era of homelessness.