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Crossing Thresholds Ways you can acknowledge transition moments and places as a spiritual practice.
The faithful flock here The faithful flock here
Calling on the Gate of Heaven An everyday way to practice seeing heaven everywhere.
To Bless the Space Between Us A reverent and inspiring collection of blessings from the Irish poet and Celtic scholar.
To Pause at the Threshold Esther de Waal on the importance of honoring thresholds as sacred things.
Breath Prayer A book of recipe ingredients and directions for making life rich with everyday sacredness.
Seeking Life Various meanings of baptism as a vehicle of transformation.
Doors in the Air A charming children's book about a creative and wonder-filled little boy who loves doors and sees them as passage ways to faraway places.
To Pause at the Threshold A tutorial on the spiritual practices of attention and devotion.
Pilgrim Heart Demonstrates the value of an open and receptive heart -- especially in the face of the unfamiliar and the unexpected.