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Crossing Thresholds Ways you can acknowledge transition moments and places as a spiritual practice.
The faithful flock here The faithful flock here
To Bless the Space Between Us A reverent and inspiring collection of blessings from the Irish poet and Celtic scholar.
Doors in the Air A charming children's book about a creative and wonder-filled little boy who loves doors and sees them as passage ways to faraway places.
To Pause at the Threshold A tutorial on the spiritual practices of attention and devotion.
Pilgrim Heart Demonstrates the value of an open and receptive heart -- especially in the face of the unfamiliar and the unexpected.
Paula D'Arcy: Books
Morning B.R.E.W. A soul-stirring devotional resource to jump-start your day.
The Soul of a Pilgrim Ways to take an inward spiritual pilgrimage in our daily life.
Esther de Waal: Quotes