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The Prayer of Examen An adaptation of the Daily Examen, a prayerful reflection described by Saint Ignatius of Loyola.
Praying the Examen A reflection for the day's end.
To change our way of seeing. To change our way of seeing.
Examen of Consciousness and Conscience A self-examination to help us be conscious of our warrior psyche so that we can remove the beam from our own eye.
An Ignatian Book of Days A reflection on lingering and remembering.
Reflect on Your Day Counsel on using the Examen prayer practice in relation to both your personal beliefs and American democratic values.
God Moments An Ignatian perspective on tools to cultivate reverence in everyday life.
An Ignatian Book of Days Ignatian wisdom in a 365-day format.
Light When It Comes Ways to be taken out of ourselves and filled with joy from a master of everyday spirituality.