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Eye of the Heart Two examples of the work of the conscious circle in our world.
Eye of the Heart A masterful presentation of a map of the cosmos with a focus on the energy exchanges between the visible and invisible worlds.
The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three An ambitious and scholarly tome with insights into a re-tooled version of the Trinity.
The Meaning of Mary Magdalene Cynthia Bourgeault on the possiblity of Jesus being in a human love relationship with Mary Magdalene.
The Meaning of Mary Magdalene A radical re-visioning of Mary Magdalene, Jesus, sexuality, and conscious love.
The Wisdom Jesus Cynthia Bourgeault on our need to bridge the gap between what we believe and what we actually live.
The Wisdom Jesus Soulful presentation of Jesus as a Wisdom Teacher of inner transformation.
Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening Cynthia Bourgeault on why intentional silence is non-negotiable for the process of human transformation.
Chanting the Psalms A fine primer on chanting the psalms as a tool of spiritual transformation.
Encountering the Wisdom Jesus An extraordinary audio retreat on encountering and sustaining a relationship with Jesus the wisdom teacher.