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Andrew Linzey A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Andrew Linzey, Anglican priest, write and advocate for animal rights.
All Living Creatures An expression of gratitude and reverence for all creatures.
Your Mercy A litany on mercy for abused animals.
New Hearts A litany for the ills perpetrated against animals, and the renewal of our hearts.
Animal Gospel A Christian Credo for Animals that rejoices in animals as fellow creatures loved by God.
Animals and Christianity Albert Schweitzer on how we share the guilt in causing the suffering and pain of animals.
Animal Gospel A wake up call for Christians to support the animal rights movement and to show greater respect and love for all creatures large and small.
Animals and Christianity An anthology on Christian responses to animals through history revealing mostly indifference and domination theories.
Creatures of the Same God Andrew Linzey on people with companion animals believing that God loves animals too.
Creatures of the Same God Thought-provoking essays about a need for more emphasis on animal rights within the Christian community.