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Birthing the Holy How to find new growth and greater vitality for your life.
Breath Prayer A book of recipe ingredients and directions for making life rich with everyday sacredness.
Sacred Time A helpful tool for appreciating and experiencing the holiness of time in our lives.
Sacred Time Reflections on mythic time and the end of days.
Earth - Our Original Monastery A closing blessing by Christine Valters Paintner and Felicity Collins.
Earth - Our Original Monastery A practical guide to an understanding of Earth as a teacher of contemplative practices.
The Wisdom of the Body Christine Valters Paintner on the experience of ecstasy in mysticism and embodied spirituality.
The Wisdom of the Body A lively, creative, and expansive vision of a spirituality of the body.
Illuminating the Way How Rainer Maria Rilke models the Artist archetype.
Illuminating the Way A creative exploration of 12 archetypes and the monks and mystics who express them.