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Oppenheimer An intense, inventively filmed, and well-acted biopicture about the kinds of events that are hard on the heart.
Dunkirk An immersive movie that takes viewers inside the experience of war on sea, on the land, and in the air.
The Dark Knight Rises A formidable examination of the roles of superheroes in our society and the importance of purpose in life.
The Dark Knight A thought-provoking morality tale about the descent into darkness of a vigilante superhero, an anarchistic and sadistic villain, and an ardent idealist.
The Prestige A dazzling and spellbinding tale about the intense rivalry between two magicians in London.
Batman Begins New life for this franchise thanks to director Nolan's attention to character and storyline over stylized fights and chases.
Insomnia A riveting and psychologically rich drama about the slippery slope encountered by those who cross over the line and exceed the norms of what is professionally and morally correct.
Following A mesmerizing neo-noir drama, the first effort of writer and director Christopher Nolan.
Memento A puzzle thriller about a man with amnesia, turns out to be an intriguing probe of identity, loss, mental instability, mystery, and trust.