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Nijinsky A sensitive depiction of the legendary ballet dancer and choreographer.
Boys on the Side A touching drama about some idiosyncratic people who must learn how to help and be helped by those who cherish them.
True Colors A case study of the dire effects of an individual's lack of ethical standards.
Footloose A lively and entertaining youth drama about the coming of change in a repressive small town.
Max Dugan Returns Delivers some trickle-down emotional benefits.
The Black Marble An engaging cop drama that stands head and shoulders above others in this genre.
California Suite Offers audiences a fine blend of laughter and variety which is the spice of good comic cinema.
The Turning Point A wonderful film about the friendship between two women and about the marvels of ballet.
The Goodbye Girl A bittersweet love story by Neil Simon.
The Seven Per-Cent Solution Recommended for all those who occasionally enjoy their movies with a little cerebral spice added.