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Julia Davis Biographical profile of a contributor to Spirituality & Practice.
Anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment (PDP) Remembering the amendment that gave U.S. women the right to vote.
Birthday of Bono (PDP) Recognizing the contributions and leadership style of the international lobbyist and rock star.
Viewing Conflict with Lectio Divina How to use the Lectio Divina process to overcome resistance to a difficult video scene.
Birthday of Bob Dylan (PDP) Honoring the Nobel laureate and folk-music innovator whose songs are adaptable to any movement for progress.
Birthday of Stephen Colbert (PDP) Celebrating the comedian and Late Show host who keeps us sane in the face of jarring changes.
Healing Conflict with Lectio Divina Instructions for a contemplative and open-hearted reading of a text provided by someone with whom you are in conflict.
Using Lectio Divina to Face Conflicts Stories of how a classic practice can be used to face difficult scenes and heal relationship conflicts.
Birthday of James Baldwin (PDP) Saluting the artistic genius and prophetic insights of the black social critic.
Birthday of Lois Gibbs (PDP) Celebrating the dedication of a private citizen who became the leader of a grassroots environmental movement.