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Nymphomaniac Vol. II A disappointing and depressing finale to a sex addict's journey.
Nymphomaniac Vol. I A creative drama about a female sex addict whose adventures are a tuning fork for ethics, philosophy, intimacy and loneliness.
Melancholia A mind-blowing end-of-the world drama that challenges us to take stock of our beliefs, feelings, and fears about death.
Manderlay A morally provocative meditation on race in America and the troubles that can come when democracy and freedom are crammed down the throats of others.
Dogville An innovatively staged and brilliantly acted parable about a fear-based community in the 1930s whose greed, hatred, small-mindedness, and entitlement come to the fore in their reactions to a stranger.
Breaking the Waves Comes across as a glorious paean to the mighty power of love.
Zentropa An ambitious avant garde Danish film revolving around an American pacifist.