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Prayers for a New Millennium An inspirational booklet of prayers that reflects a lifetime of Benedictine spirituality and devotion.
Joan Chittister A collection of the writings of one of the most popular and prophetic religious voices of our times.
Joan Chittister Joan Chittister on dailiness as being where real spiritual practice comes into play.
Old Monk Poems and commentaries on the dark side of a spiritual journey.
Old Monk Mary Lou Kownacki's poem on what a relief it is to abandon certainties.
Between Two Souls Benedictine Sister Mary Lou Kownacki's poem about the gift of prayer beads.
Joan Chittister Joan Chittister's poem on welcoming the wisdom of the world.
Joan Chittister A sturdy and soul-stirring collection of writings from Joan Chittister's books.
A Monk in the Inner City A spiritual primer on applying Benedictine values to life in the inner city where poverty, injustice and violence hold sway.
Joan Chittister Joan Chittister on the devastation of war and the need for peace.