Mary Lou Kownacki is a Benedictine Sister and an award-winning author of such books as Between Two Souls, and A Monk in the Inner City. She has been instrumental in developing innovative programs that serve the neighborhoods of Erie, Pennsylvania, including founding the Inner City Neighborhood Art House, where she teaches poetry to children. She was named as an Ambassador of Peace for Pax Christi, the Catholic peace movement. She is also the Director of Monasteries of the Heart and Benetvision Publishing.

In Prayers for a New Millennium, Kownacki offers heartfelt prayers infused with the words and memories of her decades of daily scripture reading. The booklet is divided into three sections, one with prayers to God the Son, one with prayers to God the Holy Spirit, and one with prayers to God the Father. The prayers range in topics from technology to the environment, from sin to holiness, from secularism to unity.