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Ondine An enchanting Irish adult fairy tale about love, redemption, and healing.
Breakfast on Pluto An endearing portrait of a transvestite whose playful ease in the face of harrowing experiences makes him into what the Taoist sages call a 'disciple of life'.
The Good Thief A stylized heist film with a stunning performance by Nick Nolte that celebrates the whimsical moves of Lady Luck in the lives of those who have nothing to lose.
The End of the Affair The spiritual and redemptive journey of a moody novelist and a woman searching for faith.
In Dreams A scary psychological thriller with a powerful finale.
The Butcher Boy A timely and engrossing film about the deprivations, fantasies, and violence that can cause children to kill without regret.
Michael Collins Makes it clear that it is far easier to be a terrorist than to be an emissary of peace.
Interview with the Vampire Presents the meaninglessness of any existence where feelings are disregarded or downplayed.
The Crying Game A corker from start to finish with its exploration of the choices which define the soul.
The Miracle A wonderfully acted Irish film written about a gifted teenage musician who is mesmerized by an exotic looking woman.