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Any Given Sunday Offers an energetic look at football as a gladitorial sport.
Platoon Succeeds in conveying the multi-dimensional reality of the Vietnam War to those who did not fight there and to those who were born after it ended.
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps The well-crafted, fast-paced sequel to Wall Street, where manipulations are the M.O.
Wall Street A hard-hitting morality tale about how the lines between right and wrong are being blurred in the very compettive marketplace.
World Trade Center Salutes the courage and lovingkindness of those who reached out in the darkness to help others on September 11.
South of the Border Oliver Stone's interviews with seven Central and South American leaders whose personalities and programs have been vilified by the U.S. media.
Nixon A riveting drama about a power-hungry politician brought down by guilt and paranoia.
JFK A thought-provoking and riveting poltical thriller.
Born on the Fourth of July Reveals the heart-affecting story of some individuals whose traditional patriotism was ambushed by the Vietnam War and reborn in political protest.
Talk Radio Holds up a disturbing image of a consumer culture where trash is viewed as treasure and excess spells success.