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Watch Your Favorite Shows Attentively A proposal to use entertainment as an impetus to consider and develop democratic values.
Hold Family Councils Encouragement to use family councils as a commitment to the common good of your family and community.
Have Check-ins at Dinner Advice on having democratic conversations at the dinner table.
Listen with Respect Ideas for practicing democracy through heartful listening to yourself and others.
Don't Waste Food Suggestions for practicing awareness, caring, and consideration with how we handle our food.
Interview Family Members about Connections Exploration of your family's connections to other people and places through food, language, travel, sports and more.
Building an Ark Ethan Smith and Guy Dauncey with suggestions on connecting with animals and building compassion.
Celebrate Something Small in a Big Way Finding a reason to celebrate.
A Pet Vacation Creating new vitality in family life by paying attention to the needs of a pet.
Practicing Spirituality in Winter More practices to explore the many moods and meanings of winter, including its pristine beauty and its many opportunities for playfulness.