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Reflections on The Honest Bear A poetic chance to experience being supported by the Earth and her creatures.
Spiritual Practices for Difficult Times Nine practices for times when world events overwhelm us and we feel defeated.
Acknowledging the Goodness Within One Another Greeting the others by name and a positive quality.
Hold a Council of All Beings Speak on behalf of all life-forms expressing their concerns.
Contemplative Comprehension The practice of Tevunah for a state of spacious awareness.
Three Vows Daily sayings to accompany three bows
Meditation on Cultivating the Experience of Connectedness Expanding awareness to the breath, the whole body, and the environment.
Bowing to a Companion A monastic practice acknowleding the God in others.
Child's Pose (Adho Mukha Virasana) A yoga position embodying humility, reverence, and surrender.
Give God Different Names Acknowledging God's association with what you love.