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Grateful Checkbook Balancing Viewing money as part of the spiritual universe.
Six Steps to Showing Up and Speaking Up … Even If You’re Afraid Suggestions for becoming all you are meant to be.
Seven Steps to Tactfully Terminate Monologues Seven Steps to Tactfully Terminate Monologues
Four Ways to Give a Clear No Ways to say no that help you maintain your relationships and your boundaries.
Six Ways to Contribute at Meetings So You’re Heard, Seen, and Valued Six ways to demonstrate the value you bring to those you work with.
A Work Code of Ethics An exercise for coming up with your own rules for right behavior.
Retiring A teaching and practices for creativity and vitality in retirement.
Preparing Ourselves to Do Sacred Work Practices to accomplish a sacred purpose in all that we do.
Golden Days A spiritual practice from the Brussat's "Summertime and Living Takes Practice."
Turning On A cue to prayer for God's help and protection.