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Between the Listening and the Telling The need for stories that help men express the pain they feel.
Loneliness An exploration of the contradictory values of individualism and egalitarianism within the mythology of the American Dream.
Violence Twenty-eight glimpses of a culture drowning in a sea of violence.
Deep Violence A brief history of the marketing of guns as a way for parents and children to bond.
Fortress America A review of all the ways the United States has become enslaved to the notions of safety and security.
Bullets into Bells A riveting collection of poems written to spur citizen activism against gun violence.
Bullets into Bells A poem about the suffering caused by inaction and a response from a U.S. Congressman.
Jumping At Shadows A lament for the fast growth in our culture of collective anxiety disorder.
Jumping At Shadows Stories and statistics on the shocking toll of gun violence in America.
America at War with Itself A cogent and hard-hitting critique of America's descent into authoritarianism.