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Combing Your Hair Ritual A way to notice the attention God gives you.
Listen to Your Body A spiritual exercise to help you make summertime into sacred time.
Letting Your Body's Changes Teach You Physical observations that help you learn tolerance.
Good Flesh Learning the lessons of the miracle of a cut healing quickly and other ways to honor the body as a temple of God.
Move Your Body Encouragement to honor your body through joyful movement.
What Is Your Ideal Beauty? Exploration of crafting a sense of beauty that is outside the norm and brainwashing standards of the media.
The Physiological Sigh Healthy benefits of sighing.
Breathing Practice for Dignity A way to claim our breath, beauty, and divinity.
Relaxing the Body Guidance for letting tension go and re-energizing your mind and body.
Grounding the Good A call to purposefully linger in our happy moments.