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The BFG Delightful story of a gentle giant who brings wonder into the lonely existence of a 10-year-old orphan.
I Kill Giants An adventure story about a teenage girl who uses her imagination to cope with her fears and problems.
Microbe and Gasoline A funny, appealing and spunky French film about the summer adventures of two teenage buddies.
The Imitation Game An illuminating portrait of the large role secrets can play in our lives.
To Kill a Man A chilling Chilean film which offers a fresh take on revenge.
Sex, Death and Bowling A richly emotional character-driven drama.
Sing Street A spunky romantic drama about a gifted singer and songwriter who is transformed by music and love.
Being 17 A compelling French drama that enables us to savor the poignant mysteries of love, yearning, and sex.
Chronicle A scary and sad movie about a victim of bullies who becomes what he hates most when he gets some mysterious superpowers.
Things to Think and Talk About After Viewing Bully Ten discussion probes on the documentary for use in preventing bullying.