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Kirtan Nation An impressive set of kirtan music by a variety of artists.
Coming Home An exquisite debut album by an Israeli guitarist and an American singer consisting of Hebrew chants that touch the heart.
Chant Gass gathers his favorite traditional and contemporary chants from around the world.
All One One hour of awesome kirtan music with rock textures.
Into Silence Elegant and serene sacred chants performed with beauty and devotion.
Songs of Tara Mantras, chants, and praises to Tara, mother of all the Buddhas.
Music of Unity and Peace Sung prayers recorded to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ecumenical community.
Bhakti Treasure A masterwork of devotional chanting that opens the heart.
The Best of the Sufi Choir An appealing mix of traditional choir music, Islamic chants. and other very melodic vocals.
Into Light Devotional music in eight mantras and chants sung by Deva Premal.