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A Thread of Kindness A sturdy Jewish folktale about the benefits that accrue from the spiritual practice of generosity and putting others before ourselves.
Rambam's Ladder On giving as a nation to other nations, using ancient Jewish text to shed light on charity.
Being Generous A thoughtful meditation on the spiritual meanings of generosity.
Stones into Schools An extraordinary account of promoting peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan through education and community service.
Random Acts of Kindness A delightful book that puts some snap, crackle, and pop into your acts of kindness.
Change the World, Change Your Life A survey of the challenges, rewards, and soulful adventures of service and volunteerism.
The Way of Mercy Sidney Callahan on how spiritual works of mercy enable us to see each other through stress and broaden our life in community.
Listen to the Wind The true story of an American who is bringing peace, hope, and new possibilities to the children of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Inspiring Generosity An inspiring collection of quotations, poems, and stories about generosity.
Living Well While Doing Good Salutary spiritual advice on doing good and achieving a right-sized life.