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Coming Home An exquisite debut album by an Israeli guitarist and an American singer consisting of Hebrew chants that touch the heart.
Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories Photographs and stories about 50 treasured companions of childhood including toys and stuffed animals.
Into Silence Elegant and serene sacred chants performed with beauty and devotion.
Ed Ruscha's Standard Station How art can sharpen our vision to see the ordinary in new ways.
Celtic Pilgrimage Lyrical harp music inspired by a pilgrimage to the lands of the Celts.
Into Light Devotional music in eight mantras and chants sung by Deva Premal.
Jean-Siméon Chardin's A Lady Taking Tea A simple scene depicting how a modest and lovely moment can refresh us.
Judy Malloy A questing tale with Celtic music and singing that celebrates inner wisdom and the Sacred Feminine.
Mary and the Catholic Imagination Ideas about and experiences of Mary among contemporary Catholics.
The Spiritual Gifts of Photography A few reasons why we welcome photographs along our spiritual path.