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Practicing Spirituality with Children Ideas for being a spiritual companion to your children, grandchildren, young friends, and inner child.
Infusing Your Life with Creativity Reclaiming creative expression as a natural way of being.
Practicing Spirituality with Edward Hays Unusual prayer practices for daily use in all circumstances.
Promises of the Heart The centrality in all traditions of a metaphor that calls us to prayer, reconciliation, joy, and service.
Centering Prayer as a Way of Life An e-course about Centering Prayer's profound influence on intentions, attitudes, and actions.
Ignatian Spirituality for Everyday Life A journey of exploration into this practical approach to Christian spirituality.
Practicing Spirituality at Work Ideas to foster the inner work necessary to make your outer work more meaningful.
What People Are Saying Comments by past subscribers to Spirituality & Practice E-Courses, Online Retreats, and Practice Circles
Living La Vida Yoga Practical tips from the yoga tradition for every spiritual path.
Practicing Spirituality with Jesus Many diverse perspectives on the man from Nazareth by Christians and those from other traditions.