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The Grand Highway A French film focusing on the mysteries, astonishments, and vivid lessons of childhood.
The Way Home A wonderful Korean film that provides a tutorial on the miracles that can be wrought by unconditional love.
Promises A soul-stirring documentary about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as revealed through the voices of children who are curious about each other even in a milieu where hatred reigns supreme.
Sunday's Children A powerful teaching tool for men trying to come to terms with their own wounded father inside.
Wide Awake This wonder-filled film proves that questions can be powerful allies on a spiritual journey.
Little Secrets A touching family film about the things we keep hidden away from each other that create barriers between people.
Sylvia An innovative and moving portrait of pioneer educator Sylvia Ashton-Warner.
The Last Mimzy A wonderful sci-fi tale that proclaims that the emotions, compassion, and wonder of children may hold the key to the survival of future generations.
Finding Neverland A convincing and tender depiction of the ties between imagination, play, and creativity.
Into the Arms of Strangers A deeply moving and inspiring documentary on the humanitarian effort to save the lives of 10,000 Jewish children during the months prior to World War II.