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Make Room for God Susan K. Rowland on seeing beauty in the clearing away of clutter that steals our time and drains our energy.
Restoring Life's Missing Pieces Caren Goldman on the difficulty of letting go of our dear possessions.
The Story of Stuff Annie Leonard on having better quality Stuff that lasts longer and is cherished and well-taken care of.
Clearing Spaces A handy and enlightening guide to taking good care of the place where you live.
Make Room for God Tips and spiritual practices to help clear away the clutter in your life so you can make room for God and beauty.
Altars in the Street Melody Ermachild Chavis's story of sweeping up her block, literally, to do a kind practice to clean up her neighborhood from litterers.
The Art of Stillness Pico Iyer on the delights that arise from stillness and going nowhere.
Blessed By Less A Christian handbook for those who want to simplify their lives.
Next to Godliness A stellar collection of essays and poems on the everyday spirituality of household chores and maintenance.
The Happiness Project Lively observations, insights, and practices from a year-long exploration of happiness and its impact on our lives.