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Burn the Floor All those who have thrilled to Riverdance and Lord of the Dance will want to experience this high-energy extravaganza.
Dance With Me A romantic drama that makes the most of the many fine dance sequences in the storyline.
A Chorus Line-The Movie Vividly conveys the anxiety and hopefulness of dancers trying out for a Broadway musical.
Love, the Magician Offers great dancing and a gypsy view of love.
The Company A cinematic tribute by Robert Altman to ballet dancers who create poems with their movements across the blank page of the floor.
Riverdance: The Show A sense-luscious triumph with its exquisite dancing, music and songs.
Ginger & Fred Boasts an affecting performance by Giulietta Masina as one member of a dance team.
Assassination Tango A quirky drama written and directed by Robert Duvall in which he plays a hit man enchanted with the dance form that most exquisitely gives expression to his soul.
Satin Rouge An ebullient Tunisian film about the startling transformation of a tradition-bound widow when she is drawn into the exotic world of belly dancing.
That's Dancing! A fine film about the beat that put bodies in motion from tap to ballroom to disco to break dancing.