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Starman An engaging science fiction drama that provides us with an opportunity to look afresh at ourselves and to ponder what it means to be children of the Universe.
The Man Who Fell To Earth A sci-fi classic that challenges us to understand ourselves and our world from another perspective.
Angels and Aliens Examines the meanings of accounts by UFO contactees and abductees and then compares them to angelic lore, shamanic encounters and near-death experiences.
Signs Insights into how to interpret lucky incidents.
The X-Files: Fight the Future This sci-fi thriller delivers the goods.
E. T. The Extraterrestrial Touches the heart, engages the senses, and playfully challenges us to cavort with its allusive meanings.
Prometheus A combo science-fiction horror film and quest drama exploring the origin of our species.
The Day the Earth Stood Still A spiritual reinvention of the 1951 science fiction classic with a fitting ecological message about saving the planet.
Under the Skin A siren from another planet appears in Glasgow, Scotland on a special mission that challenges her sexual allure and desires.
Cowboys & Aliens A rousing action drama that mixes film genres and comes up with a winner propelled by strong performances by Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.