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Celeste Snowber Schroeder in In the Womb of God God's Spirit within us is like this kaleidoscope . . .
Prayer for Holiness An expression of longing in the effort to see God in every face and every place.
Speaking and Listening Advice and an image for speaking and listening with soft eyes and light touch.
Beholding the Divine Instructions for Rumi's spiritual practice of gazing at the Beloved.
Our Own Part An appeal for doing our part to establish friendship and peace.
Kind Eyes An exercise for showing compassion to strangers.
A Ritual for Remembering Your Dreams Guidance for making a waking ritual to help you remember and learn from your dreams.
Befriend Yourself Accepting yourself the way you are.
Finding Subtle Beauty Phrases to cultivate emotional sensitivity.
Be In Our Hearts William Barclay's prayer for God's presence in us.