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Soulsong Thomas A. Forstheofel on the spiritual practice of smiling.
Secrets in the Dark Frederick Buechner on the importance of practicing kindness in human life.
Standing in God's Holy Fire John Anthony McGuckin on the importance of beauty in Byzantine Christianity.
Sacred Speech Donna Schaper on the art of sacred speech with a passage on receiving and making judgments.
Signs of Peace A remarkable collection of letters in which Merton encourages us to practice in our own ways the vocation of unity.
Meditation and Its Practices Swami Adiswarananda's examination of the Hindu devotional practice of japa.
Monastic Journey to India A soul-stirring account of the author's pilgrimage in a nation attuned to the holy and the holy person.
How Good Do We Have to Be? On transformation or how to be whole before God.
Hidden Holiness Calls for a reframing of saints from seeing them as celebrities to knowing them as ordinary people being holy in a variety of new and interesting ways.
What You Will See Inside a Catholic Church Michael Keane's comments on "the oils of gladness" used to celebrate devotional sacraments in the Catholic Church.