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Noble The true story of charity founder Christina Noble's empathy in action.
Mondo A ten-year old gypsy boy's zest for life has a salutary effect on a small community.
Welcome An astonishing film about a Kurdish immigrant trying to get to England and the help he gets from a Frenchman who empathizes with his dreams.
The Saint of Fort Washington Conveys the isolation, vulnerability, and frustration of two homeless men in New York City.
Looking for Home A variety of accounts of the meaning of home around the world.
The Good Postman A documentary that exposes bigotry, fear, and anger as toxic forces in a dying village in Bulgaria.
Being Flynn A homeless father and a troubled son are reunited for an uneasy and revealing encounter which changes them both.
Lion A true story that will elicit your empathy through the miracles in the life of a man who goes on a quest to locate his birth family.
Invisible People Films dealing with homelessness along with a couple of spiritual practices.
Parked A remarkable Irish drama about a homeless man living in his car whose friends help him get unstuck.