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Joan Borysenko in A Woman's Book of Life The concept of interdependence
Learning to Receive Why it's important for us to get better at receiving the love, care, and help of others.
Don't Feel Superior Realizing your dependence on others.
Altruistic Love A meditation on wishing the best for yourself and all beings.
Stir up Global Interdependence Encouragement to use the Earth Charter.
Appreciating the Nexus of Provisions Others Provide A reflection to overcome a false sense of independence.
Living for One Day Practicing Shabbat.
Listening to the Land A practice for quiet awareness of what nature has to teach.
Acknowledge and Honor Your Dependence on Others A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
Birthday of John Steinbeck (PDP) Celebrating the life and integrity of the Nobel laureate author.