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Get Smart A spunky and delightfully silly screen adaptation of the classic-cult television series.
True Crime A riveting and moral drama about an antihero who comes through despite all his flaws.
The Muse Squeezes out plenty of laughs at the expense of the Hollywood film community.
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc This unusual French interpretation of Joan of Arc sees her as a radical zealot like John Brown.
A Human Search: The Life of Father Bede Griffiths An intimate documentary portrait of Father Bede Griffiths, a pioneer in the exploration of interspirituality.
Happy Feet A triumphant, playful, and deeply spiritual animation classic by the Australian genius behind Babe.
Cries and Whispers A Swedish film by Ingmar Bergman where two sisters have returned to the family mansion to be present at their sister's death.
Bel Borba Aqui: A Man and a City A fascinating documentary portrait of an energetic and creative street artist from Salvador Brazil.
Sully A tense ethical thriller probing heroism and the fallibility of computers.