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A Revolution of Love David Scott on how Mother Teresa made the smallest acts love offerings.
Live with Intention Mary Anne Radmacher on noticing that there are divine indicators everywhere.
This Year I Will . . . M. J. Ryan on how change happens when we take small steps day by day.
Claiming the Spirit Within Sharon Olds's poem Living Things
Recipes for a Sacred Life A reflection on moving past procrastination and moving forward step by step.
Holy Thirst St. Therese of Lisieux on the little way from her classic spiritual memoir The Story of a Soul.
Great Love in Little Ways Reflections on kindness as a work in progress.
The Flowing Grace of Now How and why small things can be a spiritual teacher for you.
A Season on the Wind An account of awe at the feathered parade in the sky.
Mary and the Catholic Imagination Wendy Wright on how Mary in her littleness and humility stands by the poor and the marginalized.