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Gypsy Fortunes A book and deck of 36 cards explaining the different ways of card-reading.
Toni Morrison’s Spiritual Vision How Toni Morrison's Catholic and Black roots informed the magical happenings in her novels.
D.I.Y. Magic A comprehensive and playful overview of inspiring creativity with magic.
The Candle and the Crossroads An account of a conjurer's experiences and understandings of magic and the Spirit world.
Mystical Places Beautifully illustrated guide to the stories and distinctive features of 25 places that will awaken your wonder.
A Child of Books A fresh and creative reading experience about two children who roam the world of stories.
Paganism for Prisoners Accessible, life-giving tools for people of any faith to explore the pagan path even while behind bars.
Paganism for Prisoners Ethical guidelines for Witches, pagans, and Wiccans doing healing work.
Telling the Truth Reminders of a truth that lies behind what we ordinarily call "reality."
Practical Magic Mixes equal elements of clairvoyance, suspense and the supernatural.