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Understanding A Course in Miracles D. Patrick Miller on A Course in Miracles as a way to be directed by love.
Light Upon Light Rumi on the importance of gratitude in life.
Powder An offbeat drama about a mystic with strange powers and a compassionate service of others.
Leap of Faith Shows that miracles cannot be summoned by command, they happen spontaneously by grace, and often to those who least expect them.
The Miracle A wonderfully acted Irish film written about a gifted teenage musician who is mesmerized by an exotic looking woman.
Movies about Miracles Henry Poole Is Here and other films that depict inexplicable events
Expect a Miracle Engaging accounts of individuals whose lives have been enriched by experiences which defy logic and the consensus view of reality.
Commandments Explores one grieving man's postgraduate course in moral education.
The Big Squeeze Shows how even morally bankrupt individuals can suddenly find themselves to be miracle workers.
Miracle on 34th Street Pays tribute to Santa Claus, a figure who stands for the grace, mystery, and wonder available during the Christmas season.