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L'Argent Based on a novella by Tolstoy, offers an elegant study of money.
Ocean's Eleven A lively, clever, and thoroughly entertaining caper flick.
Maid to Order A spiffy fairy tale for adults about caring.
Overboard A dizzy comedy about the ways in which wealth insulates the rich from the simple pleasures of life.
The Great Train Robbery Offers a peep into Victorian society with its strange sports, public hangings, and high society rituals.
Blood & Wine A noir thriller about greed.
Sabrina A buoyant adult fairy tale about love and transformation.
The Music of Chance A spellbing film about the capriciousnes of human nature and the soullessness of lives enslaved to wealth.
Max Dugan Returns Delivers some trickle-down emotional benefits.
Trading Places A thoroughly entertaining romp with its lampooning of social snobbery