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Deep Peace A Gaelic rune.
Birthday of Jacques Cousteau (PDP) Remembering the marine explorer and recommitting to the preservation of the seas to which he called us.
A Blessing for Everything A recommendation to incorporate blessings into your daily life.
We Are Not Self-Starters A prayer for passion and commitment from Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth.
Birthday of Rachel Carson (PDP) A celebration of the life of the renowned aquatic biologist, author, and conservationist.
A Psalm of Wonder A children's prayer of wonder, trust, and gratitude.
Recognizing God as Already with Us The difference between looking for, and finding, God.
Wash Away Your Worries Visualizing your troubles in the water.
Breath of Joy Pose A yoga pose for restoring joy and connecting with the wild.
The Wrongs We Have Done A prayer of repentance for our complicity in wrongs done to others and to the earth.