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Eyes of the Heart Christine Valters Paintner on how color in photographs is a symbolic language.
Effortless Beauty Julie DuBose on the discipline of direct seeing.
Rust Jonathan Waldman on the beauty in an abandoned steel mill.
Meeting God An absolutely stunning and illuminating book that captures Hindu belief and practice.
Hello, Good-bye A delightful children's book that is an eye-treat and a celebration of opposites in everyday life.
Thomas Merton Examination of Merton's way of prayer and his practice of attention and beauty.
Seven Years in Tibet A tie-in with the movie.
Perfect Intimacy A fascinating visual overview of the cloistered life photographed at Carmelite monasteries where nuns have dedicated their lives to devotion and service.
Heartwood Duotone photos matched with mystical poems to convey the deep connection between nature and the soul's delight.
Clowning in Rome Henri J.M. Nouwen on the value of paying close attention to the natural world.