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Birthday of Daniel Berrigan (PDP) Celebrating the extraordinary life and ministry of Daniel Berrigan who walked his talk as one of the foremost peace activists of our time.
Get Political Ideas for bringing appropriate political and civic engagement to your workplace.
Justice A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of justice.
Birthday of Joanna Macy (PDP) A tribute to the eco-philosopher and Buddhist scholar.
Birthday of Edward R. Murrow (PDP) Remembering the television journalist who set a high bar for integrity and fearlessness.
A. J. Muste Day Reflecting on the life work of the Christian pacifist who reminded us that peace is a way of life.
Achieving a Truly Forgiving Heart A week-long practice for transforming your heart.
Depolarize An appeal to bring Americans together through constructive cross-partisan engagement.
A Gatha for Political Choices Thinking carefully before instigating change.
Anniversary of the Premiere of Letter from America (PDP) Learning from the remarkable legacy of cultural commentator Alistair Cooke.