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With Burning Hearts Henri J. M. Nouwen's meditation on the contrast between resentment and gratitude.
Spiritual Formation Henri J. M. Nouwen on how resentment can be replaced by the spiritual practice of gratitude.
Prayers for Puppies, Aging Autos, & Sleepless Nights Robert Jones with a prayer after losing a job.
Living with Miracles D. Patrick Miller on forgiving oneself as the core of this spiritual practice.
The Forgiveness Solution An impressive and multidimensional collection of exercises and practices to nurture forgiveness in us.
Guilt, Shame and Anxiety Peter R. Breggin on leaving behind our resentments and regrets to be the best person we can in the present moment.
Emotional Freedom A quiz to assess the level and characteristics of your anger.
Saying No and Letting Go An explanation of Jewish wisdom that opens new doors to a life of meaning and contentment.
The Art of Uncertainty Dennis Merritt Jones on learning the skill of letting go as a lifetime practice.
Spiritual Formation An excellent primer on the way of the heart and the path of spiritual formation within the Christian tradition.