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Old Henry A classic western that explores the malevolence of family secrets and the yearning for security.
Looking for Home A variety of accounts of the meaning of home around the world.
A Good American A hard-hitting documentary about the misuse of power by the National Security Agency.
To Kill a Man A chilling Chilean film which offers a fresh take on revenge.
Rabin, the Last Day A docu-drama exploring the dire effects of extremism in politics, religion, and speech.
Adore A bold and vivid exploration of the sexual desire of two middle-aged female friends.
Citizenfour A shocking documentary about the violation of privacy by the U.S. government's surveillance programs.
X-Men: Days of Future Past A summer blockbuster that surges with creative action sequences and memorable characters.
History of Fear A map of the dis-ease of Argentina's wealthy people whose minds are awash in fear and paranoia.
La Zona An explosive Mexican drama depicting how the poor are being given the shaft in the class war that is raging around the world as the privileged rich are protected.